It's a blessing to be a blessing. I realized that God has given me a favor my entire life and he has done it time and time again. I have three grandchildren, and what better way to show the nations that God is dope and we are blessed than with a t-shirt line. We are blessed not only through our faith-based t-shirt line, but also through our name "BL3SSED." The number 3 is symbolic to me. Firstly, it represents the holy trinity; the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Secondly, it represents my three grandchildren McKinley, Mckayla, and Zackery. My spiritual father, Bishop Norris Darden has taught me that everything you do should have purpose and meaning that's why we are BL3SSED. I hope when you purchase this apparel you understand that blessed isn't just a t-shirt, but it's a lifestyle that edifies the kingdom of God and all things. -Benita Anderson

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